Employee Details

Chandan Dev Sharma

Lecturer, Dept of Nuclear Science & Engineering
Faculty of Science & Engineering

Ademic Profile:

  • Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering
    Year : 2011 – 2016
    Chittagong University of Engineering and Technology (CUET)


  • Robotics
  • HVAC
  • Fluid dynamics and Aero-dynamics


  • Fabrication of thermal dress for human comfort.        (details
  • An autonomous tree climbing robot utilizing four bar linkage system.        (details
  • Design and fabrication of a temperature controlled thermoelectric refrigerator.      (details
  • Development of advanced painting system.         (details
  • Automatic car washing system.       (details
  • Line follower robot.        (details
  • Obstacle detecting robot.      (details)  

International Conference Proceedings: 

  1. Chandan Dev Sharma, Asma Ul Hosna, Md. Mahbubul Alam (2017), “A Thermal Dress for Human Comfort”, INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON MECHANICAL ENGINEERING AND RENEWABLE ENERGY (ICEMERE 2017-PI-128).
  2. Asma Ul Hosna, Chandan Dev Sharma, Md. Tazul Islam (2017), “An Autonomous Tree Climbing Robot Utilizing Four Bar Linkage System“, INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON MECHANICAL ENGINEERING AND RENEWABLE ENERGY (ICEMERE 2017-PI-125).
  3. Md. Amirul Mominin, Chandan Dev Sharma, Md. Tazul Islam, Syed Masrur ahmmad (2015), “Development of advanced painting system”, INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON MECHANICAL ENGINEERING AND RENEWABLE ENERGY (ICEMERE 2015-PI-056).


  • Workshop on Modern Machining and Car Manufacturing Technology, CUET, December, 2016.

Teaching Experience/Working Experience:

  • Lecturer, Dept of NSE, MIST (July, 2018 to Till date).
  • Joint Office Secretary, Robo Mechatronics Association (RMA), CUET (2015-2016). 


Bangla & English.

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