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Dr. Kamal Hossain

Specialist in the domain of safety analysis of Pressurized Water Reactors (PWR), Severe Accidents and Thermal Hydraulic Analysis, AREVA, Germany.
Faculty of Nuclear Science & Biomedical Engineering

Dr. Hossain is working as a pressurized water reactor safety specialist at the department of Radiological Protection, Severe Accidents and Thermal Hydraulics Analyses of AREVA GmbH, Germany. AREVA is a French state owned company and world leader in nuclear technology. Dr. Hossain is responsible for transient and loss of coolant accidents analyses of currently running and under construction (new build) nuclear power plants. He is involved in the certification and commissioning phase of European Pressurized water Reactors (EPR) which arecurrently under construction in Finland, France and China. He was also involved in the basic and detailed design phases of AREVA’s new reactor type ATMEA which is planned to be built at Turkey. Both EPR and ATMEA are the Generation III+ pressurized water reactors and considered as the world’s one of the safest reactor. Dr. Hossain is the team leader of S-RELAP5 development and maintenance team in Germany. The S-RELAP5 (AREVA owned version of RELAP5) is a thermal hydraulic system code which uses two fluids, non-equilibrium, non-homogeneous field equations for simulating two-phase thermal-hydrodynamic system behavior. As a technical team leader for modernization and renovation of S-RELAP5 program Dr. Hossainguided the ARCHITECT project and worked several months in AREVA’s US offices at Richland and Lynchburg.
Dr. Hossain obtained his Ph.D. from Institute of Nuclear Engineering and Energy System, University of Stuttgart, Germany. He has developed a 3D thermal hydraulic program which can be used for the safety analyses of modular high temperature reactors (HTR). HTR is a gas cooled generation IV nuclear reactor with fully passive decay heat removal systems. He was also involved in the detailed design phase of Chinese high temperature reactor development project HTR-PM. HTR-PM is currently under construction at the Shidaowan plant site in China.
Dr. Hossain obtained his M.Sc. from University of Stuttgart, Germany and B.Sc. from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET).