Employee Details

Md. Ghulam Zakir

Assistant Professor, Dept. of Nuclear Science and Engineering
Faculty of Science & Engineering

Academic Qualification:

MSc in Nuclear Engineering 
Year: 2012-2014
Chalmers University of Technology,Gothenburg,Sweden


Company Name CEA – Commissariat à l’énergie atomique et aux énergies alternatives

Date Employed: March 2013

Location Sacklay,Paris,France.

5 days training program for reactivity control in a proto type research oriented reactor in Paris,France.

Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Year  : 2006-2011
Rajshahi University of Engineering and Technology (RUET)

Teaching Experience:

October 2015 to Till date, NSE Department, MIST

Research and Publications:

[1]Tanvir Hussain, Md Ghulam Zakir,Md Rafiqul Islam Sheikh(2012) ”State of Art Pipeline A/D Converter Survey and analysis.”IEEE Xplore. DOI: 10.1109/ICIEV.2012.6317457


[2]Md.Ghulam Zakir (2016)”Simulation of reflooding on two parallel heated channel by TRACE”, Citation: AIP Conference Proceedings 1754, 050045 (2016); doi: 10.1063/1.4958436


[3]Md. Ghulam Zakir (2017)”Comparative study on environmental contamination following nuclear power plant accident”, INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON MECHANICAL ENGINEERING AND APPLIED SCIENCE (ICMEAS 2017).

[4] Newaz Morshed Remon, Captain Md. Tanjir Hassan,Md.Shamim Hassan, Md.Ghulam Zakir (2018) “Build very simple design and cost effective Geiger-Muller counter” Journal of Recent Advances in Applied Sciences. Volume 31.


[5]Md. Ghulam Zakir , A.Z.M Salahuddin, Dr M A Rashid Sarkar (2018) “An overview of grid interface and internal electrical system of a Nuclear Power Plant in Bangladesh”ABC Research Alert.Volume 6 No.1


Research Interest:

 Calculation of neutron flux and multiplication factor in nuclear fuel assembly and core level by CASMO-4,CMS Link and SIMULATE-3.
 Basic practical reactor representation consisting of fuel loading, approach to criticality, Rod calibration by Rod drop method, precursor effect, temperature effect.
 Monte Carlo neutron simulation using MCNP method.
 Transient Analysis inside a nuclear power plant by RELAP5 and PARCS.
 Measurement of ionizing radiation by Gregur Muler (GM) detector.
 Determination of radio activity by Szilard-Chalmers process.
 Growth and decay of the isomer 137 mBa.
 Determination of metastable nuclide by neutron bombardment process analysing gamma spectrometry.
 Fricke and Taplin dosimetry.
 Reaction rate for isotopic exchange.

Honors and Awards:

Albert Assistance Fund

Apr 2014 Albert Foreign Student Hospitality foundation

Albert Assistance Fund

May 2013 Albert Foreign Student Hospitality Foundation

Bangabandhu Fellowship and ICT Project Scholarship


[1]Sustainable Power Production and Transportation

Aug 2013 – Aug 2013

Project description

The project is concerned with production of hydrogen and its property.A small comparison with hydrogen fuel and gasoline has been investigated.Finally,the researches and predicted future has been discussed.

[2]Radiation Protection and Dosemetry

Apr 2013 – Apr 2013

Project description

A project work by 3 team members on transient on Fukushima Power Plant,Japan.


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