Nuclear Science and Engineering and its uses will play an important role to face the challenges of 21st century and to promote Bangladesh as per the vision of the government. Now a days, Bangladesh is marching gradually to incorporate the uses of nuclear technology in producing power, medicine, industrial and agricultural products etc. From Bangladesh perspective, professionals to take care of the nuclear infrastructure, equipment and material like nuclear power plant, nuclear fuel and other radioactive materials especially for power generation and healthcare diagnostics and to integrate the latest technology effectively for quality citizen services were a long felt necessity. Therefore, start-up of this nuclear education is a very time demanding effort.

A major goal of the Nuclear Science and Engineering (NSE) Department is to advance the core disciplines needed to achieve new, beneficial applications of nuclear science and technology. Our students will study modern nuclear techniques which will find applications in medical imaging, radiation based therapy, contraband detection and nuclear security and safeguards. In near future, our nuclear engineers/nuclear scientists will be employed in nuclear power plants, other power industries, nuclear medicine centers, research facilities, government regulatory agencies in our country as well as around the globe.

NSE Dept. was raised in 2014 and the first academic session started on 5th February 2015 at Military Institute of Science and Technology (MIST). This is the first accredited NSE Dept. in Bangladesh. There are 40 undergraduate students in the maiden batch. NSE Dept. has also started MSc, MEngg and PhD programme from October 2015 session.

Last updated on Thursday, July 05, 2018